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  • The Kingfisher by William Douglas-Home

    With echoes of PG Wodehouse, this effervescent romantic comedy takes a light-hearted look at the lives and loves of three fascinating characters.
    As he peruses The Times obituaries, famous writer Sir Cecil Warburton makes a discovery that has him whistling in the bath! At last, the dull Reggie Townsend has died, widowing the only woman that Cecil truly loved…and lost. With only one thing on his mind – matrimony – he arranges to meet Evelyn under the same tree in his garden where he kissed her years earlier.
    However, Cecil’s expectations of a joyous engagement are foiled as it becomes clear that he hasn’t considered any possible objections of his bride-to-be.or indeed of his butler Hawkins !…

    A comedy of manners and study of concealed emotions………
    ‘moving as well as funny’,,Cambridge Gazette

    ‘what a joy!…..Essex County Standard

  • Mid-Supper Murders

    “Dead Lucky”

    John has been looking forward to tonight’s celebratory dinner with his family and selected guests to mark the success of his business. How very unfortunate that he is forced to share this grand event with a group of travellers who know considerably more than they should…

  • Two Talking Heads by Alan Bennett

    A Lady of Letters……. Miss Ruddock’s civil liberties are dear to her and writing letters is how she likes to assert those rights. One of these missives pushes her to the brink with unexpected but liberating consequences.

    Bed Among the Lentils ……Susan is a nervous vicar’s wife who distracts herself from her vainly insensitive husband and his doting parishioners by conducting an affair with a nearby grocer. Ramesh the third, discovering something about herself and God in the process.

  • Food at Monk Fryston Hall Hotel

    Happy Jack by John Godber

    Jack was at times a miner, a father, a brawler, sometime poet, conman, lover, thug and comedian in fact ‘Happy Jack’ is probably a character we all recognize. The central character of Jon Godber’s play is a typically Yorkshire mixture of tenderness, truculence, humor, pride and pig – ignorance.

    The life of Jack and Liz, his essential ‘other half’ but at the same time his long – suffering wife, is told through a series of vignettes. These scenes of the drama of ordinary life, sometimes funny, sometimes sad touch a chord of familiarity as Godbers wry incisive humor comes through.

    Transmitted with a directness that touches the heart – The Guardian

  • Mid Supper Murders

    ‘Stabbing and Sleuthing at the Sports Club’

    Monk Fryston’s new keen gym owner, is bursting with radical ideas to improve the fitnessd levels of the coach potato customers. What a shame this enthusiasm is not matched by the clientele or staff! But surely that is no reason for murder ……or is it?

  • Mid-Supper Murders

    ‘The M Factor’

    Please join us for this special evening as some aspiring ‘stars’ audition before a panel of fickle judges. It’s true that not all the entrants are blessed with talent…but surely that’s no excuse for the dramatic discovery of a murdered corpse!

  • My Brilliant Divorce by Geraldine Aron

    Is a hilarious one-woman tour de force. Wittily observant, side-splittingly funny and heart-breaking realistic. The play explores what life is like for Angela Lipsky when her husband has a mid-life crisis and a mid-European affair.
    This achingly funny and heart-wrenching poignant play was nominated for ‘Best Entertainment’ at the Olivier’s in 2004 after playing a sell-out season in the West End.

    Mail on Sunday – great jokes but there are also sudden shafts of piercing emotional truth – a small masterpiece

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  • Theatre Lunch Stories

    The Theatre Lunch Stories are performed by the Library Theatre Touring Company and take place  from approximately 1.45pm until 5.45pm approx, they  include 2 Course Luncheon, concluding with Coffee and the Theatre Presentation
    £25.00 per person.
    For our Murder Mystery DinnersThe cost is £34.95 per person for the Murder Mystery dinner and £169 per couple for the Murder Mystery dinner and bed and breakfast accommodation.